Posted on Aug 24, 2020

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Local SEO in New Jersey

Jul 29, 2020 – Sep 2, 2020
If you’ve recently developed your website or you’re tracking the results of your site, you’ve probably run across the term, “Local SEO.” If you are like most of us, you hear about SEO, or you read articles about it, and you end up as confused as ever. SEO, i.e. search engine optimization, must begin locally. That’s true, even if you are a national company.

With all these people searching, surely they must be able to find your business, right? Think of all the searches you’ve made lately – do you ever get past the first page of your search? Almost never. . .right? And there lies the problem. LBMS can help you get found – especially when it counts! Search engine optimization is really a science – and it’s one we’ve mastered.

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